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Sumitomo Quarterly is a magazine whose mission is to ensure the values of the Sumitomo Group, with its history of over 400 years, continue far into the future. Every issue, highlighting a particular theme, presents the future-oriented initiatives of Sumitomo Group companies to help resolve the issues confronting society. Available in Japanese and English, SQ’s wide readership includes Sumitomo Group employees throughout the world as well as the general public.

The latest issue, SUMITOMO QUARTERLY SUMMER 2022 NO.169


For a Brighter Future

Kuniharu Nakamura
Chairman, Sumitomo EXPO2025 Promotion Committee

Next-Gen Medicine

Let's talk!

News & Topics

Illustrator Hiroki Tsuboi Visits Sumitomo Group

Sumitomo Construction Machinery Sales

Sumitomo's Modern Development

WOMEN SHINE at Sumitomo

Gao Hongyan
Sumitomo Riko

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