Members of the Sumitomo EXPO2025 Promotion Committee

The 19 companies will work together to create a venue where people gather and ideas take wing, through exhibits that move hearts, signal change for the better, and kindle hopes for the future, as well as conjuring up novel, fantastic, entertaining vistas.


Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1913 to manufacture fertilizers from sulfur dioxide produced during copper smelting at the Besshi Copper Mine, thus solving a smoke pollution problem caused by emission of the gas. With five business sectors—Essential Chemicals & Plastics, Energy & Functional Materials, IT-related Chemicals, Health & Crop Sciences, and Pharmaceuticals—Sumitomo Chemical is today a global supplier of products that are essential for diverse industries while also benefiting countless people in their daily lives. Capitalizing on its technological prowess, Sumitomo Chemical will continue helping solve the problems the world is facing in such areas as resources, energy, food, and the environment.

Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd., a pioneer in plastics, is continuously advancing R&D and sales of the following three core businesses: materials for information and communications equipment, high-performance plastics, and (medical and other) products designed to improve the quality of life. Further information about the company can be found at above.

Sumitomo Pharma Group defines its mission as "To broadly contribute to society through value creation based on innovative research and development activities for the betterment of healthcare and fuller lives of people worldwide." By pouring all our efforts into the research and development, we aim to provide innovative and valuable pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions to people not only in Japan but also around the world in order to realize our mission. We will remain committed to research and development with the aim of continually discovering excellent pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine/cell therapy, non-pharmaceutical products, and others with a focus on the Psychiatry & Neurology and Oncology as priority disease areas.


Since its origin in 1888 as a machine repair shop at the Besshi Copper Mine, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (SHI) has developed into an integrated manufacturer whose business encompasses industrial machinery such as power transmission and control equipment, plastics processing machines, industrial cranes, and hydraulic excavators, environmental facilities and plants, and ships. SHI has developed leading-edge systems to meet increasingly sophisticated and diversifying customer needs, including semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment and medical systems. Through the pursuit of technology development, SHI will keep on contributing to the development of society and industry.

Finance and Insurance

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Group offers a broad range of financial services centered on banking. The Group is also engaged in the leasing, securities, credit card, investment, mortgage securitization, venture capital and other credit related businesses.

Based on the “Trustee Spirit” and with significant expertise and comprehensive capabilities, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank will swiftly provide comprehensive solutions to our clients、by leveraging a new business model, combining its banking, asset management and administration, and real estate businesses.

Sumitomo Life Insurance Company provides various types of life and annuity insurance products for both individuals and groups, with particular focus on the comprehensive insurance "LIVE ONE" The collected premiums and other corporate assets, amounting to a pproximately 21 trillion yen, are invested in securities, cash loans, and real estate.

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd. defines its mission as contributing to the development of a vibrant society and helping secure a sound future for the planet by enabling safety and peace of mind through the global insurance and financial services business. The company is implementing initiatives to realize its vision: “To create a world-leading insurance and financial services group that consistently pursues sustainable growth and enhances corporate value.”

Nonferrous Metals

Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd., (SMM) is the present-day successor to Sumitomo’s original business, copper smelting and copper mining, dating back more than four centuries. Today, SMM’s integrated operations span everything from the most upstream sector of manufacturing to materials used in familiar products; developing, smelting, and refining mineral resources, with a focus on non-ferrous metals such as copper, nickel and gold; and developing and producing advanced materials, and other products that support innovation in society.
SMM aspires to be the world leader in non-ferrous metals industry by capitalizing on a unique business model, positioning mineral resources, smelting and refining, and materials as its three core business sectors while deploying technological and R&D capabilities drawing on a wealth of experience in each of these sectors.

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. was established in 1897. Since then, based on electric wire and cable manufacturing technologies, we have conducted our original research and development and strenuously striven for the establishment of new businesses. These efforts have allowed us to create new products and technologies, as well as diversify our business fields. Currently, we operate globally in the following five segments: Environment & Energy; Infocommunications; Automotive; Electronics; and Industrial Materials. We contribute to society through environmental friendly and fair business activities.


The Sumitomo Corporation Group is applying its integrated corporate strengths to great effect in multifaceted business activities that serve customers in countries and regions worldwide. “Enriching lives and the world,” the corporate message created to mark the Group’s 2019 centennial, expresses the essence of Sumitomo’s Business Philosophy. Engaged in a ceaseless quest to create new value, we are pursuing enhanced sustainability management capable of sustainable growth with society.

Warehousing and Transportation

The Sumitomo Warehouse Co., Ltd. is a provider of integrated logistics services encompassing warehousing, harbor transportation, international transportation and air freight forwarding utilizing its logistics bases in Japan and overseas.

In Japan, the company focuses on distribution center business for corporate customers and archiving business, which is the storage and management service mainly for confidential documents. It is also pursuing overseas business expansion especially in the ASEAN countries. With its own integrated distribution information system called SWIFT, the company actualizes centralized management of logistics information around the world.

The company is also actively engaged in the real estate business, which involves the leasing of office buildings, commercial properties, and condominiums.

Cement & Glass

The NSG Group (Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd. and its group companies) is the world's leading supplier of glass and glazing systems in the business areas of Architectural, Automotive, and Creative Technology.
Architectural manufactures and supplies architectural glass as well as glass for the solar energy and other sectors.
Automotive serves the original equipment (OE) and aftermarket replacement (AGR) glazing markets.
Creative Technology comprises several discrete businesses, including lenses for printers and scanners, specialty glass fiber products such as glass cord for timing belts and glass flake, and Fine Glass products.

At Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd., we contribute to building a recycling-oriented society through recycling of various industrial wastes at cement plant, and play a role in building social infrastructure such as roads, tunnels, dams, airports, and river dike, coast levee for protecting human life and property through providing cement.

In addition to Cement-related Business (cement, mineral resources, and cement-related products), we also leverage our proprietary technology to expand our High-Performance Product Business(optoelectronics, advanced materials), are pursuing next-generation materials.

We are aiming to become a corporate group on a steady growth trajectory, by expanding our presence in the markets of both the Cement-related Business and High-Performance Product Business.


On the 1st of April 2003, SUMITOMO MITSUI CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. was established with the objective of utilizing leading edge construction technology to further develop infrastructure and thereby realize its ambitious development goals.

For many years the two companies involved in the merger have developed world class technology for the construction of super skyscrapers, anti-seismic buildings, pre-stressed concrete structures and tunnels. This tradition of development will continue with the new company as the established technology development is expanded into new and more extensive areas.

The company takes great pride in creating the foundations of society, the economy and culture, and shall continue contributing to the public by maintaining a commitment to our core business beliefs of: Trust, Reliability, and Creativity.

Sumitomo Forestry traces its origin back to the management of forests surrounding the Besshi Copper Mines, which date back to 1691. Today, the Sumitomo Forestry Group owns and manages about 280,000 hectares of forests in Japan and overseas.

The Sumitomo Forestry Group oversees businesses centered on wood in Japan and overseas, ranging from; forest management, to the procurement and manufacturing of timber and building materials, wood construction, and wood biomass power generation. Through Sumitomo Forestry’s wood cycle of harvesting and processing, using, recycling, and planting trees, it is possible to increase the CO2 absorption amount of forests in order to store carbon for long periods by using timber. As a partner of the global shift toward decarbonization, the Sumitomo Forestry Group will provide unique wood solutions and contribute toward the realization of a sustainable society.

Rubber Products

Since our founding in 1909, the Sumitomo Rubber Group has created numerous Japan-first and world-first products and technologies, from manufacturing Japan’s first domestic automobile tire in 1913 to developing the world’s first 100% fossil resource-free tires and more. Taking full advantage of our advanced proprietary rubber technologies, the Sumitomo Rubber Group is actively engaged in the global manufacture and sale of various types of tires for passenger cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles under our flagship DUNLOP and FALKEN brands. In addition to our main Tire Business, we also operate a Sports Business and an Industrial Products Business, manufacturing and selling everything from golf balls and clubs to dock fenders and medical rubber stoppers worldwide.

“Our Philosophy,” the Corporate Philosophy Framework of the Sumitomo Rubber Group, defines our Purpose thusly: “Through innovation we will create a future of joy and well-being for all.”


NEC Corporation, Japan’s first joint venture funded by foreign capital, was established in 1899 in partnership with Western Electric of the United States to manufacture and sell telephone equipment. Following its 1977 declaration advocating the unification of computers and communications (C&C), NEC developed businesses centering on information and networking technologies. NEC formulated the brand message “Orchestrating a brighter world” in 2014 and is now focusing on solutions that help solve pressing social issues and create social value in response to global megatrends.

Real Estate

Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd. is one of the leading comprehensive real estate enterprises in Japan, engaging in various businesses such as office building leasing, condominium sales, remodeling, custom homes, brokerage, etc. Through its businesses closely related to people’s daily lives, the Company focuses on sustainable urban development with “Disaster-resistant,” “Environmentally Friendly,” “Together with Community” and “People Friendly,” under its fundamental mission of “create even better social assets for the next generation.”