Sumitomo Pavilion Supporting Companies

As Sumitomo Group members, we support Sumitomo Pavilion at Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan.

Since its establishment in 1967, Sumitomo Mitsui Card has been trailblazing the credit card industry in Japan as the pioneer issuer of Visa Card and a comprehensive settlement solutions provider championing cashless payment.
Headquarters functions of Sumitomo Mitsui Card and SMBC Finance Service have been concentrated at the SMBC Toyosu Building since April 2021. By enhancing collaboration between the two companies seamlessly, we are promoting further integration of their businesses and enriching our services as we take SMBC Group’s cashless payment strategy to the next level.
Offering products and services capitalizing on our strengths and attributes, including the customer base and expertise cultivated as the leading contender in the industry and the trust earned from customers, Sumitomo Mitsui Card aspires to be the customer’s first-choice “digital & innovation” enterprise supporting customer payments in every sphere.

Sumitomo Construction Machinery Co, Ltd. (SCM) is a construction machinery manufacturer with world-class development capabilities and manufacturing technologies. Cumulative production of hydraulic excavators, a well-known SCM product, has reached 210,000 units, and Sumitomo excavators are in service worldwide. SCM recently enriched the excavator product line by adding models for special applications such as metal scrap handling, demolition, and forestry. The company also holds the top market share in Japan for asphalt finishers used for road paving.
Main Production Items
Pneumatic excavators (6 tons to 80 tons), material handling machines, road construction machinery (asphalt finishers, vibrating rollers)

Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co., Ltd. aims to contribute to society through our business activities under the group's purpose statement "We will solve issues facing the earth and peoples’ lives through Sumitomo Seika’s “Chemistry”". Our main businesses are the Super Absorbent Polymers Business, which manufactures and sells products used in sanitary materials such as disposable diapers and sanitary napkins, pet sheets, and industrial materials such as water sealing materials for cables, and the Functional Materials Business, which manufactures and sells products such as water-soluble polymers for cosmetics, electronics gas used for LCD and LED, and various gas generating devices.

The Sumitomo Precision Products Group deploys cutting-edge precision technologies and precision manufacturing to offer solutions addressing needs in diverse fields. Our product portfolio ranges from aerospace products, heat exchangers, hydraulic control products, and ozone generators to semiconductor manufacturing equipment and MEMS devices. We are endeavoring to grasp the changes reshaping our world so as to achieve sustainable growth and prosperity hand in hand with society.

The Sumitomo Densetsu Group is a comprehensive engineering enterprise that undertakes wide-ranging facilities construction projects, including construction of electrical facilities, information and communications systems, and electric power, air conditioning, and plant facilities. It also has extensive construction experience in the environmental sector, including solar power generation systems and building management systems, and in IT-related fields such as network construction. By applying advanced technological capabilities corresponding to the needs of the era, the group will continue pursuing greater functionality and convenience while helping sustain an environment which is friendly to people and the Earth.

Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd. was established in 1917 as an electrical wire manufacturer. The company began producing wire harnesses, currently its principal product, in 1957. By constantly monitoring the changing times, we have established a firm business foundation and areas based on the “connection technologies” obtained through our wire business. In step with development of the automotive industry, the company has secured a leading position as a manufacturer with global reach specializing in wire harnesses for the automotive industry.

From Dreams to Reality through “Knowledge Engineering”
The Japan Research Institute, Limited (JRI) is a “knowledge engineering” company that offers comprehensive high value-added services, effectively combining the three functions of think-tank, consultant, and information systems integrator.
Targeting customers in a wide range of sectors, JRI offers consulting services focusing on management innovation and IT-related issues. It also provides services such as the design and development of strategic information systems, as well as outsourcing. In addition, JRI conducts research and analysis of both domestic and overseas economies, formulates policy recommendations, and assists in the incubation of new businesses.

Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing (SMFL) offers financial services and other high value-added services, leveraging its strengths as an operating company with a wide range of financial functions, backed by the comprehensive capabilities of the SMBC Group and the Sumitomo Corporation Group.
SMFL operates diverse businesses including an aircraft leasing business with one of the world’s largest fleets, a real estate business ranging from leasing and development to asset management and a satellite office service, an environmental and energy business forging ahead with decarbonization, and new business development driven by digital innovation.
Aspiring to be “the best business partner,” SMFL is committed to the sustainable development of its customers and society through the provision of services and solutions that go beyond the framework of finance.

Ever since our foundation in 1918 as Kawashimaya Shoten, SMBC Nikko has over the past 100 years been supported by many clients and we have grown together with our clients.
We connect via the capital markets companies seeking sustainable growth with investors looking for companies’ growth, and facilitate the efficient and productive flow of capital, connecting the advancement of healthy capital market to the realization of fulfilled livelihoods and a prosperous society; this is our social mission as an integrated securities company.
Our vision remains to grow with our clients and be their trusted advisor. “Shere the Future” is our brand slogan and we will strive to act in the best interest of our clients and society.

SCSK provides a full lineup of services to support any area of IT solution required for businesses from consulting to system integration, verification services, IT infrastructure implementation, IT management, IT hardware and software sales, and BPO(business process outsourcing).

Founded in 1929, Sumitomo Riko is a manufacturing company headquartered in Nagoya-shi, Aichi, Japan. We changed our name from Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd. in 2014. In the field of “Automotive (Mobility)”, we manufacture anti-vibration rubber parts, in which we have a leading global share, as well as rubber and resin hoses, urethane sound controlling & insulation products, and interior equipment. We are also applying the technologies we have accumulated in automobile parts development to expand our business in the fields of “Infrastructure and Housing environment”, “Electronics”, and “Healthcare”. Utilizing our global network in more than 20 countries across the world, we aim to be a “Global Excellent Manufacturing Company”.

Since its founding in 1917, Nissin Electric Co., Ltd. has contributed to the development of social and industrial infrastructure while earning the trust of customers and society. Today the company offers outstanding technologies and high-quality products and services through three businesses. The Power Supply and Environment System Business is a leading source of capacitors, gas insulated switchgear which having the top-class market share in Japan and other products for the safe and efficient supply of electricity and contribute to effective use of renewable energy. The Beam and Plasma Business is responding to the functional enhancement of leading-edge equipment used in the manufacture of mobile terminals, automotive parts and other products. The Equipment and Parts Solution Business is offering solutions which utilize accumulated manufacturing technology and responding to demands in the emerging countries. Nissin Electric has contributed to the creation of smart communities by proposing smart power supply systems (SPSS), which provide a total solution for stable supply of electricity, energy conservation, cost saving, and CO2 emissions reduction.

Ever since its founding in 1897, Meidensha Corporation has been working on the relentless pursuit of new technology and product developments and witnessed the steady growth. Our product offerings cover wide area, such as generators, substation equipment, electronic equipment and information equipment. Our mission is not only to provide these products but also to recommend the best solutions on the basis of what customer values best. In order to realize these best solutions, we engage in the supply of various products and provide the various related services such as engineering, facility management (including operation and maintenance) , repair and product-life support.

As a leading company in the vehicle leasing industry, as well as providing leases, Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service also reviews customers’ pain points from multiple perspectives in order to devise solutions through high-quality comprehensive fleet management.
Together with customers, the company aims to resolve social issues by unleashing the potential of mobility services in a world reshaped by accelerating change, creating new value surpassing expectations and taking innovation to the next level.

Based on the “Heart-to-Heart Bonds” business policy, the Techno Associe Group handles metalworking products, chemical products, and various other materials and mechanical parts that support industry. Founded in 1946, from sales of fastener products we expanded our product range and the business fields we serve by capitalizing on our outstanding proposal capabilities and global network of suppliers, eventually becoming an engineering company. Going forward, adequately responding to customers’ requests, we will continue to create and propose new value in collaboration with suppliers.

(as of August 2023)