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Nippon Sheet Glass
Antibacterial and antiviral
glass for “Safety & Comfort”

Chang Shin
Marketing Group New Product Development Dept. Fine Glass Div.
Nippon Sheet Glass

Shunji Wada
New Product Development Dept. Fine Glass Div.
Nippon Sheet Glass

Mizuho Matsuda
Thin Film Technology R&D Japan Group Functions
Nippon Sheet Glass

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Rapid development using safe inorganic materials

In August 2021, Nippon Sheet Glass started mass production of NSG Purity, an antibacterial and antiviral glass with a thickness of about 0.3mm that is affixed to the screens of tablets, cell phones and the like. The inorganic coating endows NSG Purity with long-lasting antibacterial and antiviral performance as well as superior durability. Hardness and ease of adhesion set NSG Purity apart from conventional spray- or film-type antibacterial and antiviral materials. NSG Purity gained certification from the Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA) in June 2021 for both antibacterial and antiviral performance.

NSG donated NSG Purity to Sagamihara City where it has a site. NSG Purity is applied to monitors at Sagamihara City’s “Mori no Innovation Lab FUJINO” community center, Mori Lab for short. Adjacent to Fujino Station, which is in the outskirts of Tokyo on a busy commuter line, the facility is serving as a telework hub. In the photo is Mr. Yasunori Takahashi, Community Manager of Mori Lab.

When NSG started developing this product in 2019, market research revealed low consumer awareness of antibacterial and antiviral properties. But the subsequent COVID-19 global pandemic transformed perceptions. “It convinced us that the product we had in mind would meet a definite need in the market,” says Shunji Wada of the Fine Glass Div. A project team was launched in spring 2020 with antibacterial and antiviral performance at the heart of the product concept.

Mizuho Matsuda who joined the team from the R&D unit says, “We initially focused on antibacterial performance but through repeated iterations of combinations of materials we were able to add antiviral performance.”

The safe inorganic materials used for the coating applied to NSG Purity reduce the numbers of bacteria and viruses. This coating is the fruit of NSG’s industry-leading sol-gel technology, a material synthesis method for producing ceramics and glassy coatings. The team completed development in just over a year thanks to the company’s accumulated expertise in material synthesis and illuminating feedback from persistent, low-key marketing.

Chang Shin of the Marketing Group makes proposals to restaurant chains and public facilities for adoption of touch panels. He says, “Looking to the future, our customers tell us they expect products with antibacterial and antiviral properties to become the norm. We are naturally encouraged by that prospect.”

“‘Safety & Comfort’ is one of the areas of focus in NSG Group’s medium-term vision. With this in mind, we want to maximize the benefit of NSG Purity to society long after the pandemic has abated,” says Wada with evident enthusiasm.

Reprinted from SUMITOMO QUARTERLY NO.168

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