Sen-oku Hakuko-kan

This unique museum, known as the Sumitomo Collection, displays rare bronze ware of ancient China. The history of ancient Chinese bronzes goes back over 3,500 years. They were created for use in making ritual offerings of food and drink to ancestors. Celebrated for the excellence of the casting techniques employed in their production and their strikingly distinctive forms, Chinese ritual bronzes are among the world’s most remarkable cultural artifacts. The Bronze Gallery comprises four rooms, each devoted to a particular theme: “masterpieces from the collection,” “types of bronze ware and their purposes,” “patterns on bronze ware,” and “cultural development.” The exhibits are arranged to aid visitor understanding of the historic development of bronze ware. An ancient Hachiryo (octagonal) Japanese-produced mirror, a national treasure, is also on display. The second building of the museum displays its collections, including Chinese and Japanese paintings and calligraphic works, tea ceremony tools, stationery, old coins and statues of Buddha, in accordance with a specific theme that changes with the season.
Hakuko-kan, located in a quiet residential area at the foot of Higashi-yama in Kyoto, is near Tetsugaku-no-michi, a popular strolling road within walking distance of Ginkakuji and Nanzenji temples.

Address: Zipcode 606–8431 Shimo-miyanomaecho 24, Shishigadani, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Access: Higashi-tenno-cho or Shimo-miyanomae-cho bus stop, Kyoto municipal bus
Open: March through June, September through December
Hours: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (enter before 4:30 PM)
Closed: Mondays (excluding national holidays)
Admission fee ¥800 for adults,¥600 for students

Sen-oku Hakuko-kan
Ancient Chinese bronze ware

National Museum of China publishes a book on the Sumitomo Collection

The National Museum of China in Beijing has published a book featuring 199 art objects from the Sumitomo Collection, a remarkable collection that can be viewed at the Sen-oku Hakuko Kan, a museum in Kyoto.
The 440-page book introduces ancient Chinese bronzes and calligraphic works and paintings with photographs and commentary in Chinese.
Sen-oku Hakuko Kan exhibits and preserves the Sumitomo Collection, which comprises art objects collected by the Sumitomo family.
The collection is particularly notable for its exquisite ancient Chinese bronzes.
Mr.Lu Zhangshen, the Museum Director of the National Museum of China says that the institution will promote cooperation with Japanese museums because cultural exchange will support peaceful development of the Japan-China relationship. (photo left: Mr.LuZhangshen, the Museum Director of the National Museum of China, and Mr.Ichiro Kominami, the Museum Director of Sen-oku Hakuko Kan)

Sen-oku Hakuko-kan