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The Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee strives to support college students’ negotiation skills, assist in upgrading higher education, and contribute to global human resources development through the Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition.

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19th (2020) Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition

On November 14 and 15, 2020, the 19th Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition (INC) was held. Whereas INC had been held at Sophia University in Tokyo in previous years, 2020 INC was held online using Zoom because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The contestants were 234 students of 34 teams competing in Japanese and 18 in English. 20 Japanese universities participated: Hokkaido University, Tohoku University, Yamagata University, Tsukuba University, Gakushuin University, Keio University, Sophia University, Chuo University, the University of Tokyo, Nihon University, Meiji University, Rikkyo University, Waseda University, Nagoya University, Kyoto University, Doshisha University, Ritsumeikan University, Osaka University, Kyushu University, and Seinan Gakuin University. Five teams participated from overseas: Team Australia (representing the Australian National University, Monash University, Queensland University of Technology, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Sydney), the National University of Singapore (NUS), the National University of Mongolia (MUIS), Beijing Normal University (BNU), and Chulalongkorn University.

Tournament chart


Round A / arbitration Round B / negotiation
Red Blue Red Blue
1 Kyusyu 1 MUIS Sophia 2 Doshisha 1
2 Tokyo 1 Tsukuba Osaka 1 MUIS
3 Hokkaido Tohoku 1 Meiji 3 Nihon
4 Osaka 2 Yamagata Tokyo 2 Yamagata
5 Tokyo 2 Waseda 1 Rikkyo 2 Chuo 2
6 Seinan Gakuin Doshisha 1 Kyusyu 2 Waseda 2
7 Rikkyo 1 Doshisha 2 Rikkyo 3 Ritsumeikan
8 Sophia 1 Waseda 2 Tokyo 1 Kyoto
9 Meiji 3 Chuo 2 Kyusyu 1 Doshisha 3
10 Rikkyo 2 Tohoku 2 Rikkyo 1 Tsukuba
11 Sophia 2 Chuo 1 Osaka 2 Team Australia
12 Meiji 2 Waseda 3 Sophia 1 Tohoku 1
13 Osaka 1 Doshisha 3 Gakushuin Chuo 1
14 Gakushuin Team Australia Meiji 1 Tohoku 2
15 Kyusyu 2 Nihon Seinan Gakuin Waseda 1
16 Meiji 1 Ritsumeikan Meiji 2 Doshisha 2
17 Rikkyo 3 Kyoto Hokkaido Waseda 3


Round A / arbitration Round B / negotiation
Red Blue Red Blue
1 Tokyo 1 MUIS 2 Rikkyo MUIS 1
2 Chulalongkorn Team Australia 1 Nagoya NUS 1
3 BNU Chuo Tokyo 2 Keio 1
4 Nagoya Keio 2 Sophia Team Australia 1
5 Sophia MUIS 1 Chulalongkorn Chuo
6 Rikkyo Team Australia 2 BNU NUS 2
7 Meiji Keio 1 Tokyo 1 Team Australia 2
8 Tokyo 2 NUS 1 Meiji MUIS 2
9 Kyusyu NUS 2 Kyusyu Keio 2

The Theme and the Competition Outline

The competition consists of two parts, Round A devoted to arbitration and Round B devoted to negotiation, with Japanese and English divisions for each part. In both Round A and Round B, teams discuss international transactions as the protagonists of either Red Corp., which is a major transportation company that is also engaged in tourism, or Blue Inc., which is an online retailer.

Themes for arbitration in Round A concerned 1) an agreement concerning international air transportation and delivery services, 2) agreements concerning development of a computer system and a web site, and 3) online witness examination. The teams acted as the attorneys representing either Red or Blue and stated their claims in the presence of the arbitrators whose roles were played by the judges.

In Round B, the teams negotiated on such issues as revision of the charges for transportation and delivery services, joint research and development for freight transportation using autonomous vehicles and drones, a joint venture for transportation services, and cooperation in the tourism business.

Judges and officials

Over the two days, a total of 128 people, including legal professionals, academics, and corporate legal staff, extended cooperation to INC by serving as judges. Moreover, 55 people, including INC alumni and students of the participating universities, supported INC as officials who smoothly operated the 26 Zoom meeting rooms where the competition was held.

Results of the 19th Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition

The awards ceremony always has an element of high drama. On the one hand, there is the delight of the winning team, and on the other hand, the disappointment of the runners-up. The drama attests to the contestants’ commitment and enthusiasm. The winners of the first prize were NUS. Sophia University won the Best Teamwork Award. The teams with the highest scores in the competition in Japanese were the University of Tokyo for arbitration and MUIS for negotiation. The teams with the highest scores in the competition in English were Team Australia for arbitration and NUS for negotiation.

1st prize The National University of Singapore 209.85 points
2nd prize Team Australia 207.5 points
3rd prize The University of Tokyo 204.9 points
4th prize Chulalongkorn University 204.85 points
5th prize Sophia University 202.57 points
6th prize Osaka University 201.69 points
7th prize Chuo University 195.67 points

Best Teamwork Award

Sophia University

Highest score for the competition in Japanese for arbitration

The University of Tokyo

Highest score for the competition in Japanese for negotiation

The National University of Mongolia

Highest score for the competition in English for arbitration

Team Australia

Highest score for the competition in English for negotiation

The National University of Singapore