Support for the Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition

Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee would like to contribute to global human resource development through the Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition supporting the negotiation skill upgrading education.

The 4th Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition was held in Sophia University on December 3rd-4th, 2005. In addition to 12 schools of University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Nagoya University,
Osaka University, Kyushu University, Chuo University, Doshisha University, Sophia University, Waseda University, Keio University, Hitotsubashi University and Hokkaido University, which had participated before, Tohoku University and Australian National University participated for the first time. Including 6 participants from Australian National University for the performance in Japanese, totally 205 undergraduate and graduate students performed enthusiastically.

Opening ceremony

Mitsuru Iba, Secretary General, Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee
General Manager, Corporate Communications Dept., Sumitomo Corporation

Performance in Japanese

Performance in English

New attempt

The competition has marked its 4th anniversary this year. We adopt new attempt every year and increased a number of judges from 2 to 3 this year. The 3rd judge was selected mainly from the experiencer of this competition. The 3rd judge’s participant brought great benefits to the competition because it could realize the judgment with the experience of the competition from the perspective different from experienced businessman or professor.

Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee will keep contributing to global human resource development through the Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition supporting the negotiation skill upgrading education.

    Round A/arbitration Round B/negotiation
Red Blue Red Blue
1 Hokkaido1 Sophia1 Doshisha1 Sophia1
2 Hokkaido2 Chuo2 Kyushu1 Chuo1
3 Tohoku2 Sophia2 Hokkaido1 Waseda2
4 Osaka Hitotsubashi2 Tohoku1 Chuo2
5 Keio Waseda2 ANU Tokyo1
6 Doshisha1 Chuo1 Kyushu2 Hitotsubashi2
7 Kyoto Tokyo2 Osaka Sophia4
8 Tohoku1 Waseda1 Doshisha2 Waseda1
9 Kyushu1 Tokyo1 Kyoto Sophia2
10 ANU Sophia4 Hokkaido2 Sophia3
11 Doshisha2 Hitotsubashi1 Tohoku2 Hitotsubashi1
12 Kyushu2 Sophia3 Keio Tokyo2
ANU : Australian National University

    Round A/arbitration Round B/negotiation
Red Blue Red Blue
1 Doshisha1 Hitotsubashi Keio Nagoya2
2 Kyushu1 Nagoya1 Kyushu1 Tokyo
3 Osaka Tokyo Kyushu2 Nagoya3
4 Doshisha2 Nagoya2 Osaka Waseda
5 Kyushu2 Waseda Doshisha2 Sophia
6 Hokkaido Nagoya3 Doshisha1 Nagoya1
7 Keio Sophia Hokkaido Hitotsubashi

Party at the canteen of Sophia University

Guest speech by Toru Motobayashi,
the former Chairman of
“Japan Federation of Bar Associations”

Problem setting and competition outline

Negoland is a constitutional monarchy with the Negoland National Economic Development Corporation which is called Red Corporation. Red Corporation focuses on the Happy Resort Development Project as a main tourism business of Negoland and placed an order for its construction work to Blue Corporation which is a general construction company in Arbitria. But the problem occurred in the contract detail because of the repeated disasters and incidents.

There is a big difference between this problem and the problems in the past 3 competitions, that is to say, this problem occurred not between general companies but with the National Corporation of Negoland which is a constitutional monarchy. Also, a new style was introduced, that is, most responsible persons such as President and King didn’t come to the negotiation table and the course of negotiation was reported to them afterward. Both corporations requested a legitimate arbitration based upon the UNCITRAL rules and the UNIDOROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts was applied.

Result of competition

The result of the competition in 2005 is as follows.
The 1st prize : Kyoto University
The 2nd prize : University of Tokyo
The 3rd prize : Nagoya University
The 4th prize : Hokkaido University/Sophia University
The 5th prize : Hitotsubashi University

Presentation of championship cup

Winning team : Kyoto University