Support for the Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition

Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee strives to support college students’ negotiation skills, assist in upgrading higher education and contribute to global human resource development through the Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition.

The 8th intercollegiate negotiation competition was held at Sophia University in Tokyo, on December 5th and 6th, 2009. This year’s competition featured students from 17 schools: University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Osaka University, Kyushu University, Hokkaido University, Nagoya University, Chuo University, Doshisha University, Waseda University, Keio University, Sophia University, Hitotsubashi University, Tohoku University, Gakushuin University, Ritsumeikan University ,The Australian National University and The University of Sydney. In total, 240 undergraduate and graduate students from these 17 universities performed enthusiastically.

Opening ceremony

Hisakazu Suzuki, Secretary General, Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee

Performance in Japanese

Performance in English

    Round A/arbitration Round B/negotiation
Red Blue Red Blue
1 Doshisha1 Keio2 Osaka2 Ritsumeikan2
2 Sophia1 Tokyo1 Tohoku 1 Keio2
3 Tohoku 1 Waseda1 Kyushu2 Australia
4 Hokkaido Ritsumeikan1 Hitotsubashi1 Gakushuin1
5 Osaka1 Australia Tohoku 2 Ritsumeikan1
6 Hitotsubashi2 Waseda3 Chuo1 Tokyo2
7 Kyushu1 Gakushuin1 Kyushu1 Waseda3
8 Osaka2 Waseda2 Sophia2 Kyoto 1
9 Sophia2 Nagoya Chuo2 Keio1
10 Hitotsubashi1 Kyoto 1 Doshisha1 Kyoto 2
11 Doshisha2 Tokyo2 Osaka1 Gakushuin2
12 Chuo1 Ritsumeikan2 Sophia1 Waseda2
13 Tohoku 2 Kyoto 2 Hokkaido Nagoya
14 Kyushu2 Keio1 Hitotsubashi2 Tokyo1
15 Chuo 2 Gakushuin2 Doshisha2 Waseda 1
    Round A/arbitration Round B/negotiation
Red Blue Red Blue
1 Kyushu 1 Kyoto Sophia3 Nagoya2
2 Doshisha1 Nagoya1 Hitotsubashi Nagoya1
3 Sophia3 Gakushuin Kyushu 1 Ritsumeikan2
4 Osaka Tokyo Doshisha2 Australia
5 Kyushu2 Nagoya2 Sophia2 Kyoto
6 Hitotsubashi Ritsumeikan2 Osaka Keio
7 Sophia2 Australia Sophia1 Ritsumeikan1
8 Doshisha2 Ritsumeikan1 Doshisha1 Gakushuin
9 Sophia1 Keio Kyushu 2 Tokyo

Problem establishment and competition outline (Red vs. Blue companies)

The theme of this year’s competition was challenges encountered in the license of the Nego Park business between two companies, the Red Company, which played the role of a company which manages “Nego Park”, where elementary school or junior high school students can learn how to negotiate through role-playing games, etc in the fictitious country of Negoland; and the Blue Company, which played the role of a general trading company in the fictitious country of Arbitoria.

During Round A on the first day, the issue was “arbitration.” This was to establish whether or not the Red Company actually gave permission to the Blue Company to use a new character mascot for their business.

If the Red Company concluded that they didn’t give permission to use the character, then it was an issue of whether or not they should petition the Blue Company for the discontinuance of using the character. This would result in a breach of contract, if the Red Company concluded they didn’t give any permission to the Blue Company for the usage of the character. Also, another point discussed was whether the Red Company has any liability for an upfront-fee to the Blue Company.

During Round B on the second day, the subject was “negotiation.” The negotiations were tense because of the difficulties encountered with solving the problems from “arbitration” as well as the content of the establishment of another Nego Park business in Japan which is what the Blue Company was planning.

Party at the canteen of Sophia University

Panel Discussion


Every year, the Sumitomo Public Affairs Committee receives assistance with the competition from many people and groups. This year they appreciated the cooperation of people in judicial circles, professionals from each participating university as well as the Judicial Affairs Divisions of various corporations. As the competitions take place each year and students graduate, both male and female alumni return to the competition and now serve as judges for the competition and in various other capacities. Moreover, new this year, the judges also received questions from the participants of the competition during the panel discussion at the conclusion of this year’s competition.

Results of the 8th Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition.

This year, the University of Tokyo won again from last year, bringing this years’ competition to a successful conclusion.

The final results for 2009 are as follows
The 1st prize : University of Tokyo
The 2nd prize : Doshisha University
The 3rd prize : Waseda University
The 4th prize : Kyushu University
The 5th prize : Sophia University

The championship cup and the shield for the 2nd prize

Presentation of championship cup

The University of Tokyo, winner of the 8th Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition.