Support for the Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition

Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee would like to contribute to global human resource development through the Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition supporting the negotiation skill upgrading education.

The 5th Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition was held in Sophia University on December 2nd-3rd, 2006. In addition to 13 schools of University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Nagoya University, Osaka University, Kyushu University, Chuo University, Doshisha University, Sophia University, Waseda University, Keio University, Hitotsubashi University, Hokkaido University and Tohoku University which had participated in the previous competition, Gakushuin University participated for the first time and also, Australian National University participated again to form Team Australia jointly with University of Sydney which participated for the first time. Totally, 209 undergraduate and graduate students from 16 universities performed enthusiastically.

Opening ceremony

Mitsuru Iba, Secretary General, Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee
General Manager, Corporate Communications Dept., Sumitomo Corporation

Performance in Japanese

Performance in English

    Round A/arbitration Round B/negotiation
Red Blue Red Blue
1 Tokyo1 Hokkaido1 Doshisha2 Chuo1
2 Keio1 Hokkaido2 Kyushu2 Sophia1
3 Doshisha1 Hitotsubashi1 Tokyo1 Hitotsubashi1
4 Tohoku Chuo1 Kyushu1 Hokkaido1
5 Kyushu1 Waseda2 Keio1 Waseda1
6 Doshisha2 Australia Tohoku Waseda2
7 Gakushuin2 Kyoto Tokyo2 Kyoto
8 Tokyo2 Sophia2 Gakushuin1 Sophia2
9 Gakushuin1 Waseda1 Doshisha1 Hokkaido2
10 Kyushu2 Chuo2 Keio2 Hitotsubashi2
11 Osaka Hitotsubashi2 Gakushuin2 Chuo2
12 Keio2 Sophia1 Osaka Australia
    Round A/arbitration Round B/negotiation
Red Blue Red Blue
1 Kyushu2 Nagoya1 Doshisha2 Waseda2
2 Doshisha1 Waseda1 Tokyo Australia
3 Kyushu1 Australia Osaka Nagoya1
4 Osaka Sophia2 Gakushuin Waseda1
5 Tokyo Nagoya2 Keio Hitotsubashi
6 Doshisha2 Hitotsubashi Doshisha1 Sophia1
7 Gakushuin Sophia1 Kyushu2 Sophia2
8 Keio Waseda2 Kyushu1 Nagoya2

Problem setting and competition outline

This competition consists of arbitration (Round A) and negotiation (Round B), each of them is divided into Japanese and English part. Each team performed enthusiastically to play a role of company.

In the arbitration part, they started with the theme of trouble regarding 2 incidents.
The first incident is as follows. Blue Corporation (electronic manufacturer) ordered mobile phone parts to Red Corporation (electronic parts manufacturer) by telephone and FAX. However, there were differences in the model number of parts. Matters concerning completion of a contract became the point of issue. The second incident is when Blue Corporation worker, who is on loan to Red Corporation  for a development of new model, made a report to Blue Corporation by his personal computer,  data was leaked. An executive responsibility of loaned worker and a content of confidentiality became the point of issue.

Also, in the negotiation part, it’s discussed about what mobile phone business should be between Red Corporation and Blue Corporation. This time, a style of negotiation was different from previous time, that is, each company confirmed the strategy of negotiation and scope of authority with their president (judge) in advance and started negotiations. Then, they reported the result to their president.

Party at the canteen of Sophia University

Guest speech by Sinnichi Kitaoka,
Professor of University of Tokyo,
former Ambassador Extraordinary and
Plenipotentiary to the United Nations


We had 3 judges for 1 match and young judges of mainly experiencer of this competition participated in the judgment as well as last time. One of the competition’s features is 69 excellent judges consisting of corporation (including dispatches from Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee), justice, lawyer and university teacher.

Result of competition

The result of the competition in 2006 is as follows.
The 1st prize : Team Australia
The 2nd prize : Kyoto University
The 3rd prize : Doshisha University
The 4th prize : Sophia University
The 5th prize : Nagoya University

Presentation of championship cup

Winning team : Team Australia