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Nissin Electric
Transferring accumulated electrical engineering skills
to the next generation

Katsuhiko Shimoda
General Manager, Nissin Academy Training Center
Nissin Electric

Base for technology succession opened in Kyoto, the ancient capital

Nissin Electric’s impressive new Nissin Academy Training Center was conceived as a commemorative project marking the company’s centenary. Sleek and functional, the training center blends seamlessly with the world-renowned cityscape and ambience of Kyoto.

With a floor area of 3,235 square meters, the training center is roughly double the size of the previous facility. The exterior is designed to match the cityscape of Kyoto.
Installed in the training rooms are actual products, such as substation equipment (left) and gas insulated switchgear, previously only available at Maebashi Works because of its size (right).

“Compared with the former facility, the total floor area of the training rooms is 2.5-times larger,” says Katsuhiko Shimoda. Turning to the purpose of the training center, he explains, “Actual equipment, not scaled-down versions or mockups, is installed here for training in the skills indispensable for maintenance and inspection as well as for on-site refurbishment and assembly. Some of our products remain in use for decades. So it’s essential that our people have hands-on experience with equipment manufactured many years ago.”

The company also emphasizes the fostering of engineers trained in Nissin Electric’s core technologies, including those for the Power System Equipment and the Charged Beam Equipment and Processing.

“Since so few university courses cover our core technologies, we have found it a challenge to secure sufficient human resources with the expertise our company needs. In collaboration with Nissin Electric alumni and universities, the training center will focus on strengthening the transfer of expertise from one generation to the next within the company. We also want the training center to be a venue for learning about the latest technology, including the product development process,” says Mr. Shimoda.

Since social infrastructure is at the heart of its business, Nissin Electric always endeavors to maximize its contribution to society, not least through the development of excellent human resources.

“We hold a robot workshop for children every two weeks in the training center’s multipurpose room. We also make this facility available for use by local elementary schools. Mindful of the reported recent decline in children’s interest in science and with an eye to the future, we would like to help as many local children as possible experience the fun and fascination of electricity and other aspects of science.”

Reprinted from SUMITOMO QUARTERLY NO.157

Number(From the Sumitomo/Society Interface)