Special support for the Speech Contest of the Schools for the Blind
  The introduction sentence flies and the debate is heard.

Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee supported The 74th Speech Contest of School for the Blind (hosted by Mainichi Newspaper Co., Ltd. Tenji Mainichi) which was held on Oct. 21st, 2005 at Aichi Prefectural Nagoya Blind School.
This speech contest has marked its 74th anniversary observing the tradition since its establishment in 1928.
The 9 representatives of blind students between 14-59 years old, who had won the elimination contest, made a speech passionately about future dream, purpose of life and ordinary feeling with their own words, aiming for championship flag of Minister of Education and Science and Tenji Mainichi Cup.

The sharpened sense of blind students brought us what we had never noticed.
We received impression and power from their words sending the message of “Power to live”.
The gist of this contest, “Sending the message of our mind with our own words” is leading to our group message of Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee “Passing important values from people to people.”

The 1st-prize winner was Yuri Shibata, 14 years old from Sapporo, Hokkaido.With the unique title “I want dog’s ears”, she made a rhythmic speech of abundant expressiveness.

“Based on the creativeness that if only I could have dog’s ears and nose and experience of sound and smell in the nature, she persuasively expressed a life of the blind cherishing senses but the eyesight.
She also spoke that she had been able to expand her potential by the communication of other people to arouse audience sympathy.”(From the morning edition of The Mainichi Newspapers on Nov. 5th, 2005)

Her speech was highly evaluated by the 6 judges including actress Masa Yamada, “As I am an actress, when acting I have to speak what other person wrote just like my own words. I was very impressed today that everyone spoke how they felt with their own words. ...(snip)... Although actor and actress are disciplined to always remember maximizing 5 senses, everyone is maximizing more senses and functions than we do. I learned a lot today.”(From the review of special judge, actress Masa Yamada)

The 2nd-prize winner was Hiroshi Momiyama, 27years old from Shiga Prefecture, its title was “Kakeru”.
The 3rd-prize was Tatsumi Ishikawa, 17 years old from Chiba Prefecture. He made a speech enthusiastically with the title “180-degree conversion”.

Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee presented the 1st-prize winner with Sumitomo Group Cup.
Moreover, 3 winners from the 1st to 3rd prize were presented with overseas study tour as supplementary prize. All the 9 participants were presented with the memento of portable CD player as the performance award.

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