Hearing Session Elicits Views of Sumitomo Group’s Young Employees

On April 15, 2022, an online hearing session was held to elicit the views of young employees of the Sumitomo Group on the tentative plan for the Sumitomo Pavilion.

Divided into three groups, 19 young employees (13 men and 6 women) of Sumitomo Group companies expressed their views.

Following a briefing on the proposed plan for the Sumitomo Pavilion, the young businesspeople shared their impressions of the tentative plan and held a workshop on the exhibits and experiences they would like the Sumitomo Pavilion to feature. A range of illuminating ideas were expressed. Whereas some focused on the importance of offering an inclusive experience that would be full of interest and enjoyment for everyone, not least children, others urged that presentations should enable visitors to take a deep dive into Sumitomo’s fascinating 400-year history. After the hearing, one participant spoke for many when she said, “This was a meaningful opportunity for me to get together with my peers. I think we learned from one another while deepening our connections across the Sumitomo Group.”

This hearing is part of a wider ongoing process in which inputs are sought from diverse people as Sumitomo’s planning for the Expo advances. The Sumitomo Pavilion will be a venue where people gather and ideas take wing, through exhibits that move hearts, signal change for the better, and kindle hopes for the future, as well as conjuring up novel, fantastic, entertaining vistas.