The most recent “A Brief Message from the Heart” Letter Contest award ceremony
On May 10, 2015, the latest edition of the popular writing contest "A Brief Message from the Heart", the 22nd such event, was held in the Maruoka gym in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture.

For this year's contest, the theme was "flowers" and a total of 33,236 entries were received from contestants located throughout Japan as well as eight countries worldwide. At the ceremony, of these entries, 208 contestants received prizes including the winners of the five Grand Prize awards. Also, there were 10 winners recognized for their excellent work, while 20 were eligible for the Sumitomo Awards, five were honored by the Sakai Junior Chamber Incorporated, and 168 of the entries received honorable mentions.

The hall was filled with colorful and beautiful flowers which created a gorgeous atmosphere appropriate for the "flower" theme of the contest. Each of the contestants work was filled with various thoughts and ideas surrounding flowers and was dramatically read by four students from Maruoka Junior High School. Moreover, each of the winners was awarded the traditional certificate of honor, which is made of woven Echizen (texitile) and individually wrapped in beautiful Echizen paper (Japanese paper) as well.

Mr. Hitoshi Komuro, a well-known, singer-songwriter composed music for each of the five grand prize winners and also sang a duet with singer, Yui Komuro.

Scene of award ceremony


A judge remarks on each of the presented works.