Award ceremony of New“A Brief Message from the Heart ”Letter Contest
On April 21st, 2007, the writing contest New “A Brief Message from the Heart”, the 4th such event, was held in Heartopia Harue concert hall in Harue-cho, Fukui Prefecture.

A total of 17,386 entries were received, of which 107 submissions came from contestants in other countries worldwide, for this year’s contest theme of “A letter to the Father”. Of these entries, 150 received a prize. The award breakdown is as follows: Five works were selected for the Grand Prize, 10 works won the Award for Excellence, 20 for the Sumitomo Award, 10 for the Award for Message, five for the Maruoka Junior Chamber Award and 100 entries were given an Honorable Mention. The works which received a prize were read aloud by students from Maruoka High School during the ceremony to more than 500 people in attendance who thoroughly enjoyed the well written submissions.

Scene of award ceremony