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June 8, 2015

Awards Ceremony Update
On May 10, 2015, the latest edition of the popular writing contest “A Brief Message from the Heart”, the 22th such event, was held in the Maruoka gym in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture.
Feb 3, 2015

Support for the 13th Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition
The 13th intercollegiate negotiation competition was held at Sophia University in Tokyo, November 29th and November 30th, 2014.
Dec, 12, 2014

Special support for the Speech Contest of the Schools for the Blind
Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee recently supported the 83rd Speech Contest of the Schools for the Blind (hosted by Mainichi Newspaper Co., Ltd. Tenji Mainichi) held on Oct. 3rd, 2014 at the Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of History.
Feb 20, 2013

Sumitomo Quarterly (Issue # 131)
The NEWEST Edition of Sumitomo Quarterly has been uploaded, follow the link to read the latest news.
Sen-oku Hakuko Kan Kyoto
Sen-oku Hakuko Kan Tokyo
Culture of Japan
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