Close Development into a Modern Enterprise

With the introduction of Western technologies, copper output soared. In addition, related businesses were launched in rapid succession, including the following:

Hakusuimaru, a steamship purchased from Britain
  • Machinery (manufacture and repair of machinery used at the Besshi Copper Mines)
  • Coal mining (supply of coal used in copper smelting)
  • Copper rolling works (processing of copper produced at the Besshi Copper Mines)
  • Electric wire and cable works (separating the wire and cable business from the copper rolling works)
  • Casting works (application of copper processing techniques to steel)
  • Fertilizer plant (to prevent smoke pollution in the copper smelting process)
  • Forestry (afforestation in the vicinity of the Besshi Copper Mines)

Meanwhile, finance and related business in Osaka developed into a banking business. Warehousing, originally part of the financial business, was split off. Thus, Sumitomo developed into a modern zaibatsu (financial combine) centering on industrial and financial businesses.